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5 min readMay 22, 2021

pBUNNY and the Compensation Pool — How to Use Them and How They Work

Hello Bunny Fam,

Team Bunny is excited to share that our pBUNNY Compensation Pool is now LIVE!

Please review the following key components of how pBUNNY and the Compensation Pool will operate.

pBUNNY Key Components

  1. Based on a snapshot right before the moment of the attack, everyone’s pBUNNY has been automatically staked in the Compensation Pool and is displayed in the Compensation Pool UI. pBUNNY will not be airdropped to individual users. (NOTE: We are in the process of further UI and display optimizations as we need to monitor behavior of the pool to optimize the display mechanics and design. We thank you in advance for your patience.)
  2. Our snapshot gives us an accurate count of the number of BUNNY possessed by all Original Holders of BUNNY and BUNNY-BNB. The number of pBUNNY staked in the Compensation Pool = the number of BUNNY that existed at the time of the attack.
  3. Our method is based on the full count and attribution of all of the BUNNY in existence at the time of the attack. So regardless of whether your BUNNY was in your wallet or was staked with PancakeSwap in the form of BUNNY or BUNNY-BNB, there is pBUNNY in the Compensation Pool accruing value for every single BUNNY. For further clarification, that the Team has calculated the # of BUNNY per LP before the attack, and this is the number used for attribution.
  4. Original Holders of BUNNY that was staked to 3rd party platforms such as Beefy, Crow, Tree, etc. are also entitled to PBunny, provided that a viable method of counting as well as attribution actually exists. For example, some 3rd party platforms have no code verification on BSCScan. This means that contract addresses and code are not publicly available, making it impossible for us to independently count and attribute to a specific user any of the BUNNY that was staked on platforms. We have reached out to all of the projects that users have brought to our attention, and are in active conversation with some projects like Beefy, who have already engaged with us to work together to solve the counting, attribution, and related problems. For those of you with questions, please reach out to our live support team on any of our live support channels: https://linktr.ee/pancakebunny
  5. We are aware that some users also had BUNNY on the MXC exchange prior to the attack. However, because MXC is a centralized exchange, we do not have the visibility needed to take a snapshot of BUNNY holders before the attack. We have reached out to MXC for the necessary information. We will keep you posted quickly and transparently about any further developments. Please contact MXC directly as well to encourage them to engage with us. Once we have the necessary information, we will share the mechanism to ensure that MXC users will also be able to redeem their compensation.

Compensation Pool UI

Compensation: This is the amount of total accrued compensation that has been distributed by the Compensation Pool for all of the pBUNNY staked in the pool. It is a dollar amount calculation. The example shows approximately $2M in total accrued value so far since we relaunched (about a day and a half). So far, the contribution to accrued value comes from performance fees and Team’s BUNNY generated by the protocol. However, as described in our Go Forward Plan (https://pancakebunny.medium.com/go-forward-plan-e29e58bc375f), the Compensation Pool will also receive QFI tokens and any funds recovered from the attack, and will distribute these assets proportionally as well. You can see the flow of compensation at the following address: https://bscscan.com/address/0x0989091f27708bc92ea4ca60073e03592b94c0ee***

Deposit: This is the fixed number of pBUNNY that you have in the Compensation Pool, equivalent to the same number of BUNNY that Original Holders held in the block immediately prior to the block in which the time happened (snapshot time (block 7556390): May-19–2021 10:34:25 PM +UTC). Thus, whether you are an Original Holder who bought or sold your BUNNY after the exploit, you have received the same number of pBUNNY as the number of BUNNY you had at the time of the snapshot.

Rewards: These are the number of BNB, BUNNY, and CAKE you currently receive as your share of the performance fees. On a daily basis, the rewards from the previous 24 hours are distributed between 00:00–01:00 UTC. Upon claiming, pBUNNY users can liquidate or stake in our other pools to earn yield. (NOTE: It is essential to understand that market volatility can impact your rewards in dollar denominated terms.)

The breakdown of the rewards displayed above and their sources are as follows:

  • BUNNY: BUNNY rewards come from Team Bunny/Dev’s Bunny.
  • CAKE: CAKE rewards come from the performance fee collected in CAKE Pool and the decomposed CAKE performance fee from CAKE-BNB Pool.
  • BNB: BNB rewards come from Single Asset Vault and LP Pool performance fees that will be swapped to BNB,

The purpose of enabling claiming is to enable pBUNNY users to claim and then farm their rewards. In other words, we want to enable users, at their option, to liquidate into a stable asset every day or to stake their rewards to generate yield over the 90 days, instead of locking in all pBUNNY compensation for the entire period.

Contract: This is the Compensation Pool vault contract on BSC.

Your Compensation: This is the total cumulative compensation that you have claimed.
NOTE: Currently the display includes the value of your rewards pending claiming by the user, but while some users found it useful, ultimately it has been leading to confusion as the price shown before claiming (using the price when the assets were deposited) may be different after claiming (which would reflect the spot price at the time of claiming). Therefore, based on some early user feedback (thank you Bunny Fam!), we will be making this adjustment to the Display calculation method within the next few hours.

Concluding Thoughts — Connecting the pBUNNY-Compensation Pool System to the Go Forward Plan

To connect these UI elements to our Go Forward Plan, please review the Plan at (https://pancakebunny.medium.com/go-forward-plan-e29e58bc375f).

The sum of “Your Compensation” in the Compensation Pool for all pBUNNY holders at the end of the Compensation Period of 90 days is equivalent to the concept of the Total Compensation in Hand (TCIH).

At the end of the Compensation Period, the Total Compensation Pool Shortfall (TCPS) = the Total Accrued Compensation (TAC) — TCIH.

If the TCPS > 0, then pBUNNY holders will be able to swap their pBUNNY for the amount of BUNNY = TCPS at the market price at that time.

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