Go Forward Plan

  • About the Exploit
  • Plan Objectives
  • Plan for PancakeBunny Operations — BUNNY Emissions, Bunny Pool
  • Value Retained by Original BUNNY Holders (ROV)
  • Plan for New Tokens, Platinum BUNNY (pBUNNY)
  • Compensation Pool for pBUNNY
  • Performance Fee Contribution (C1)
  • Team Contribution (C2)
  • Recovered Funds Contribution (C3)
  • QFI Token Contribution (C4)
  • Compensation Process
  • pBUNNY Swap
  • Total Circulating BUNNY Post-Swap
  • Plan to Buy Back and Burn
  • No vaults were compromised. The exploit crashed the price of BUNNY. $1bn in TVL was not stolen. Please see our detailed post mortem.
  • Once code has been fixed in the next 24 hours, PancakeBunny will resume normal operations with increased BUNNY emissions. Over the next 90 days, the Bunny Pool will disburse 100% of the performance fees accumulated up to the time of the exploit.
  • At the present time, Original BUNNY Holders as a class have retained approximately $39M in value.
  • We will compensate Original Holders for the difference between the market cap at the time of the exploit and the current retained value of $39M (the Losses) by issuing a new token, pBUNNY, and by creating a Compensation Pool
  • The Compensation Pool will be funded by Performance Fees, a direct contribution from the Team, any funds recovered from the exploit, and an airdrop of tokens for QFI, a new lending/swap project designed to mitigate dependencies on Venus and PancakeSwap
  • At the end of 90 days, the Original Holders will swap their pBUNNY for BUNNY at a discount to the market rate
  • The problem of increased BUNNY Supply will be mitigated by an aggressive buy back and burn program that will include the no-loss Bunny Pots, Cross Chain farming fees, and, if necessary, the burning of Team Bunny for an optimal period of time



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