HOPPING ON: PancakeBunny Restored!

Bunny Fam,

The team appreciates your patience and support during these times. Deposits and Withdrawals have been restored as of 06:30, May 21 UTC. PancakeBunny and the BUNNY token should all operate as they did before.

We have also updated the following elements of the PancakeBunny protocol as per our Go Foward Plan

1. Security

You can return to farming yields and claiming profits with confidence, as we have implemented new security measures highlighted here.

2. Emissions

The emission rate is now set at 15 BUNNY per BNB. The higher rate reflects 1) the lower relative value of BUNNY to BNB as a result of the exploit and 2) the necessity to drive high APY at relaunch to grow TVL and reward the community. You can read more about Claiming, Minting, and Emissions here.

3. Withdrawal Fee

We have disabled the 0.5% Withdrawal Fee for the time being. After confirming that the pools are operating smoothly over the coming weeks, we will switch the Withdrawal Fee back on. We expect to be able to turn Withdrawal Fees back on approximately on May 24 06:30 UTC.

4. The pBUNNY Compensation Pool

We have implemented the pBUNNY Compensation Pool, and it has begun to accumulate the PancakeBunny performance fees. The Compensation Pool will distribute compensation rewards to pBUNNY holders that accumulate over the next 90 days. The Compensation Pool receives funds from 4 sources: from go-forward performance fees, from the Team, from funds recovered from the exploit, and the distribution of QFI tokens.

We will have more information on pBUNNY and the operation of the Compensation Pool to follow very soon. With the updates live, the Compensation Pool is already collecting funds. You can view the pool at this address.

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