Bunny Reward Pool Updates, Profit Sharing, & Next Steps


1. August 19 Discontinuation of the Bunny (for WBNB) Pool

2. By August 19, the Bunny Pool will have shared over $50M in Bunny Distribution that remained from the profit share accumulated prior to the exploit.

3. Post-attack operation of the Bunny Distribution

4. The Bunny Maximizer Update and the operation of the Bunny Distribution after August 19

5. Stacking the Bunny Distribution to reboot APY

6. BUNNY Boost to support the ramp up period

7. Migration & Logistics

8. Concluding Remarks


Official Bunny Finance Channels

Bunny Finance

One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain. https://pancakebunny.finance/