The Next Chapter: MND Distribution

Hey Bunny Fam,

We have officially just concluded our MND swap event! Thank you for your amazing support and commitment to the Mound (MND) Vault and for your close attention throughout the entire event.


1. MND Distribution

2. pBUNNY Conversion

3. polyBUNNY Compensation

4. Concluding Remarks

Please see sample calculations below to understand the logistics behind the minting of MND for Community contribution; the (effective) pricing of MND, and the minting of MND for the Team contribution (for the pBUNNY conversion calculation):

4.1. MND for Community BUNNY Contribution

Total # of Community BUNNY swapped into Vault = ~2 Million

Total $ Value of Community BUNNY = 2,002,369 x $16.088 = ~$32.214 million

# of MND allocated to Bunny Swap Participants: [1 Million MND]

Effective Price of MND = EP = ~$32.214 Million/1 Million = ~$32.214

4.2. Team Contribution to Vault (pBUNNY Compensation)

1 Million BUNNY = ~$16.088 Million

100 Million QBT = ~$23.6 Million

1 Million polyBUNNY = ~$4.224 Million (Note: this will be contributed once the Team’s share of polyBUNNY from the operation of the protocol reaches 1M.)

Total Team Contribution (TC) = $43.912 Million

Total Value of the MND Vault = ~$32.214 Million + ~$43.912 Million = ~$76.126 Million

MND for Team Contribution (pBUNNY Compensation)

TC / EP = ~$43.912 Million / ~$32.214 = ~1.363 Million MND Tokens

4.3. polyBUNNY Compensation

$ Compensation / EP = ~$2.4 Million / ~$32.214 = ~74.5 Thousand MND (from the Team’s portion)

4.4. Total MND

Total Number of MND Minted = 1 Million MND (Community) + ~1.363 Million (pBUNNY Compensation) + [2.363 Million x 0.15 = ~0.35445 Million] (Team MND) = ~2.717 Million MND

Market Cap of MND = ~$87.5 Million

Again, thank you for your immense support and we look forward to updating you with more notices this week!


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