PolyBUNNY Recovery — The Burn and MND Compensation

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2 min readJul 27, 2021

Hello Bunny Fam,

Thank you all for your constructive feedback and suggestions. Team Bunny has been modeling the impact of different scenarios for Polygon Network. PancakeBunny (and as many of you have requested) have determined that it will be best for the growth of the project to burn all 320,500 polyBUNNY tokens that were minted to the Devs as a result of the attack. Some of the alternatives that were under consideration included contributing the polyBUNNY to the Mound Vault and contributing it to the Community Treasury to use for marketing, promotions, audits, and operations.

The Team will also be distributing $2.4M of its MND as compensation to all users who held polyBUNNY in the block immediately before the attack. This transfer will occur on or around 29 July UTC.

The Burn is on 27 July 0500 (5AM) UTC.
You can check this address to verify the amount burned:

This accounts to 5.473971% burned of total polyBUNNY supply in circulation at the time.

To celebrate this burn event, Team Bunny will be holding a retweet event to give away 100 BUSD to 5 lucky winners, so stay tuned for further details, and as always Bunny Fam, Keep Calm and HOP ON!

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