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5 min readNov 17, 2021

Bunny Fam,

It has been a year since PancakeBunny first launched. Team Bunny is grateful for the community’s support over the first year of our long journey. In celebration of Bunny’s first anniversary, we have prepared some gifts for the community to thank you for your continuing support.

First-Year Anniversary Bunny NFT

The First Anniversary NFT is created in a pixel art style. This will be given to Bunny community members who stake in either the BUNNY Maximizer or BUNNY-BNB pools with a nonzero balance. For stakers, these have no cost to mint (aside from transaction fees) on the BUNNY website. Stay tuned for more information on the minting process and interface.

This is the first-year anniversary of Bunny NFT that commemorates our one-year journey together:

Domain Expansion

Team Bunny, using the PancakeBunny project, has been providing yield optimizing services for PCS users. Moving forward, we’re proud to introduce our new domain —!
This is an important step toward establishing our ecosystem of projects and protocols as a destination in which investors with a variety of goals can participate in crypto and DeFi within a unified portal that promotes usability, security, and growth.

Mound Vault PolyBunny Farming

The amount of PolyBunny designated to be farmed for MND token holders has reached one million and as such, it has begun farming in the Mound Vault.

The rewards can only be claimed after 30 days, and the 1 million PolyBunny is estimated to earn roughly 160K PolyBunny for 30 days of farming. Due to the cost of synchronizing the BSC and Polygon Networks, it is necessary to accumulate 30 days worth of farming rewards. These will be distributed all at once after the 30-day period.

Use case: Farming began on Nov 16 2021 UTC. Thirty days after, MND holders who are staked in the Mound Vault can claim polyBUNNY farming profit. Then in another 30 days, they will be able to claim another 30 days’ worth of farming profit.

Originally designed as a means to compensate community members affected by exploits, the Mound Vault now exists as a vehicle to capture and distribute the full value of our ecosystem, and will continue to distribute rewards. The team is well aware of the community’s desire for updates on polyBUNNY farming profits and new utility. We are glad to reach this phase of the Mound Vault, and appreciate your patience as the team works on ways to utilize polyBUNNY and innovate on the Polygon network.

Bunny X Qubit Collaboration

To effectively share news with the Qubit community, the Qubit Medium is now available at Please give it a follow to stay updated on all of the latest Qubit news.

Launch of Qubit Pot

Team Bunny is committed to creating utilities for the tokens related to our projects. We are happy to announce that the QBT Pot will soon be available, and that we are also working to improve the Pots in general.

Supply & Borrow Market for Bunny

Bunny will be available to borrow and supply on the Qubit money market, allowing Bunny holders to freely borrow and invest assets with their Bunny as collateral.

Cross-chain Collateralization

Development in cross-chain collateralization functionality has been progressing well, and we believe it can launch soon.. As it involves borrowing and lending, we felt it is a better fit as a feature of Qubit. Users and protocols will benefit from the features of cross-chain, which fit the mission of Qubit — Lending-as-a-utility.

Launch of Leveraged Liquidity Provision

Leveraged Liquidity Provision is a profit-generating service that borrows asset B with the collateralized asset A and provides the liquidity as A-B pair via a swap service. Qubit will provide all processes by which users and protocols can borrow assets and provide liquidity, with Bunny providing related auto-compounding features. An audit for this service is being conducted and users will be able to utilize it in early December.

Bunny X Cantata Collaboration

Busy Bunnies Airdrop Event

In celebration of the Bunny X Cantata partnership, we are excited to announce airdrop events for the community to win a chance to get one of the upcoming Busy Bunnies NFTs by completing some of the activities which will be announced on our official channels.

The Cantata partnership is the first in our launchpad program, where we provide operational support for development-focus project teams.

There will be a special surprise for early minters for the Busy Bunnies NFT Drop. Join the official communities of Bunny and Cantata and stay tuned for more information on upcoming airdrop events to be released soon! We are excited to see and follow their progress!

Team Bunny has been hard at work to enhance the Bunny Ecosystem and will continue to do so in order to deliver value to the community. Thank you, as always for joining us on our journey to expand and innovate in DeFi, and remember to KEEP CALM AND HOP ON!


MOUND is the innovative team behind Pancake Bunny, one of the leading DeFi platforms on BSC. Team MOUND is composed of developers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience across games, social platforms, quantitative financial services, and blockchain projects.

About PancakeBunny

One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.

About Qubit

Lend to Ascend — Borrow for Tomorrow
Qubit is Mound’s innovative DeFi protocol for a secure money markets platform, optimized to deliver Lending-as-a-Utility service for the Binance Smart Chain and beyond.

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About Cantata

Cantata is a platform that will deliver a new way to interact with digital art on the blockchain.

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Bunny Finance

One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.