PancakeBunny 2022 Roadmap


  • Q1-Q2
    Venus Single Asset Vaults, stBNB, Bunny Fee Structure Revision, Governance Revision, Forum, Busy Bunnies NFT Staking Vault
  • Q3-Q4
    Zap, Cross-chain, Investment Goods Suggestions, Asset Management

Quarter 1 — Quarter 2

Venus Single Asset Vaults

  • BNB
  • ETH
  • BTCB
  • USDT
  • BUSD

New! — Our stBNB Validator Vault

  1. You can withdraw your BNB right away! stBNB can be swapped for BNB on Pancakebunny right away. When you delegate directly to Validators, there is a 7 day lock up for withdrawals! Bunny gives BNB and its profits that have been accumulated, in return for using stBNB to unstake (charging a small amount of fee).
  2. You get auto-compounding returns! If you delegate manually, you will have to manually re-delegate to compound your BNB rewards. Using Bunny the rewards will be automatically compounded and re-delegated.
  3. Collateralize stBNB to borrow assets on Qubit! the stBNB you acquired by staking BNB can be collateralized in Qubit, allowing you to utilize the BNB tied up to the vault right away.

Bunny Fee Structure Revision

Fee structure:

  • Leveraged Farming Fee: 3% from farming reward (e.g. CAKE) when harvesting
  • Liquidation Fee: 5% from remains after repaying loans
  • Unstaking Fee: 1% from only when unstaking within 72 hours
  • Pot Fee: 10% from winning prize
  • Prediction Fee: 3% from winning prize
  • Auto-compounding Fee: 1% from farming reward (e.g. CAKE) when harvesting
  • Fees to be raised from the upcoming investment goods (e.g.stBNB)

Collected fees are used for:

  • Distribution to BUNNY Vault (Rewards from BUNNY Vault are given in BNB and BUNNY)
  • Adding Liquidity on BUNNY-BNB


  • Marketing Treasury: 50%, used for strategic token swaps with other projects.
  • Burn Address: 50%
    The detailed amount of Buy Back and Burn of BUNNY will be available to see on a new page at the website.

Governance Revision

Forum (Scheduled in Jan)

  • A subject is raised by the community
  • A topic for the subject is created
  • Discussions and votes
  • Team Bunny contributes to the discussion
  • Decision is reached

Busy Bunnies NFT Staking Vault

  • Bunny Voting Power: about 0.2 BNB valued Bunny voting power is given
  • Private Vault & Opened Beta Tester: Investment goods will be exclusively shown to those who staked Busy Bunnies NFT. Not only that, upcoming goods to be released will be shared for earlier view/try.
  • Fee Reduction
    — Unstaking Fee: 1% > 0.5%
    — stBNB unstaking fee: More information will be shared once the detailed fee structure is addressed.

Quarter 3 — Quarter 4

Zap — One-click for everything


Investment Goods Suggestions


Asset Management




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