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6 min readJan 20, 2022


Mound Fam,

Team Bunny would like to thank each and every one of you for your patience and understanding with regard to the release of the 2022 roadmap.


  • Q1-Q2
    Venus Single Asset Vaults, stBNB, Bunny Fee Structure Revision, Governance Revision, Forum, Busy Bunnies NFT Staking Vault
  • Q3-Q4
    Zap, Cross-chain, Investment Goods Suggestions, Asset Management

Quarter 1 — Quarter 2

Venus Single Asset Vaults

Introducing new Single Asset Vaults (SAVs) on Bunny protocol! These SAVs are based on Venus and automatically compound the rewards:

  • BNB
  • ETH
  • BTCB
  • USDT
  • BUSD

New! — Our stBNB Validator Vault

Stake your BNB in our stBNB Validator Vaults to earn Validator returns of over 10% APY without the lockup!

Those of you who have used the Lido service may be familiar with the stBNB token. Similar to stETH on Lido, Bunny will offer stBNB. In exchange for staking BNB, the user will receive stBNB. The staked BNB goes over to the Binance Chain and is delegated to validators. As a reward for delegating, the user can acquire BNB (APY over 10%).

Using the Validator Vault has important advantages versus delegating BNB to validators directly!

  1. You can withdraw your BNB right away! stBNB can be swapped for BNB on Pancakebunny right away. When you delegate directly to Validators, there is a 7 day lock up for withdrawals! Bunny gives BNB and its profits that have been accumulated, in return for using stBNB to unstake (charging a small amount of fee).
  2. You get auto-compounding returns! If you delegate manually, you will have to manually re-delegate to compound your BNB rewards. Using Bunny the rewards will be automatically compounded and re-delegated.
  3. Collateralize stBNB to borrow assets on Qubit! the stBNB you acquired by staking BNB can be collateralized in Qubit, allowing you to utilize the BNB tied up to the vault right away.

Through stBNB, users are not only able to receive BNB as rewards from delegating, but can also acquire tokens that are immediately liquid.

Bunny Fee Structure Revision

Bunny charges fees in exchange for providing users with various convenience functions such as leverage and auto-compounding.

Fee structure:

  • Leveraged Farming Fee: 3% from farming reward (e.g. CAKE) when harvesting
  • Liquidation Fee: 5% from remains after repaying loans
  • Unstaking Fee: 1% from only when unstaking within 72 hours
  • Pot Fee: 10% from winning prize
  • Prediction Fee: 3% from winning prize
  • Auto-compounding Fee: 1% from farming reward (e.g. CAKE) when harvesting
  • Fees to be raised from the upcoming investment goods (e.g.stBNB)

Collected fees are used for:

  • Distribution to BUNNY Vault (Rewards from BUNNY Vault are given in BNB and BUNNY)
  • Adding Liquidity on BUNNY-BNB

Initially, the fees may be shifted to Bunny Vault in order to maintain a suitable APY, but it will be gradually adjusted.


In order for the protocol to provide LP at a stable ratio, Team Bunny will make use of a certain portion of the Performance Fee to raise the liquidity of BUNNY-BNB. Also, there will be a contract (covering the raised portion of fees above) setup to be not withdrawable by the team without having agreement from the community.

Farming rewards (CAKE) gained from BUNNY-BNB LP from the protocol will be used to buy back BUNNY which will then be split into two, transferred to the Marketing Treasury and the Burn Address.

  • Marketing Treasury: 50%, used for strategic token swaps with other projects.
  • Burn Address: 50%
    The detailed amount of Buy Back and Burn of BUNNY will be available to see on a new page at the website.

Governance Revision

We have been focusing on various measures to improve and stabilize the protocol. There is still a need, however, to improve the flow of communication and ideas between the core team and the community. While we have grown a lot over the past year to enable better and quicker developments and responses, we are planning to create an environment where the community will participate more directly, making decisions for on- and off-chain governance.

Forum (Scheduled in Jan)

To improve our governance system, we will be implementing a Forum. Users will be able to create, discuss and vote on suggestions, and also track their progress. Once the Forum is implemented, governance will take place with the following structure:

  • A subject is raised by the community
  • A topic for the subject is created
  • Discussions and votes
  • Team Bunny contributes to the discussion
  • Decision is reached

Among the listed issues, if it is considered to have the entire Bunny holders’ community is required, we will request the proposal creator to list a vote. If the proposal creator does not have enough voting power, Team Bunny may list the vote instead. Rewards will be given to the initial proposal creator who helped to solve an issue or facilitate meaningful consideration.

We believe all Bunny users are members of the Bunny Team. Your ideas and welcome and valued!

Busy Bunnies NFT Staking Vault

Benefits gained from staking Busy Bunnies NFT at a vault are as follows:

  • Bunny Voting Power: about 0.2 BNB valued Bunny voting power is given
  • Private Vault & Opened Beta Tester: Investment goods will be exclusively shown to those who staked Busy Bunnies NFT. Not only that, upcoming goods to be released will be shared for earlier view/try.
  • Fee Reduction
    — Unstaking Fee: 1% > 0.5%
    — stBNB unstaking fee: More information will be shared once the detailed fee structure is addressed.

Quarter 3 — Quarter 4

Zap — One-click for everything

The initial purpose for launching the Bunny protocol was simple — to help investors farm yields with ease! In order to do so, we made it possible to easily create LPs and convert CAKE rewards to LP on a regular basis. This was an awesome innovation of user experience and convenience. However, as DeFi changes, the means by which investors can earn profits are always changing and simultaneously becoming more complex. Bunny will play a key role in making such steps easier and simpler.


Cross-chain will provide chain-to-chain/interchain swap, yield-farming, liquidity providing, and other features within a single transaction. Users will be able to utilize investment goods from other chains in a single transaction on the Binance Smart Chain. Such innovation will significantly reduce the gas fees, service fees, and time spent navigating chains and other services.

Investment Goods Suggestions

Since DeFi is an industry full of new products and services that are being introduced every single day, users need to compare and choose the most suitable products among the various options. Bunny will revolutionize this process to make it simple, fast, and easy.


A user holding BNB in their wallet to invest in Bunny and is given 6 scenarios in total from A to F below:

Asset Management

Users have had to consider and mitigate liquidation risk inherent to utilizing lending protocols. Such factors cause users who desire stable returns to hesitate when looking to invest. However, Bunny will rebalance the assets at risk of liquidation to prevent them from being liquidated. Users with their assets put into Bunny will be free from the risk of liquidation and can benefit from auto-compounding.


Team Bunny is committed to being one of the leaders within the DeFi space. Additionally, we want to double down on our most key innovations — providing convenience and simplicity to crypto investors. With the help of the community, we firmly believe that 2022 will be an amazing year of growth and achievement. Please look forward to the updated roadmap and other developments!

And remember, Bunny Fam, as always — Keep Calm and HOP ON!


PancakeBunny is one of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain. The BUNNY Ecosystem is an aggregation of projects and protocols, including Qubit, that serve as destinations for investors who wish to participate in the efficiencies and gains made possible by decentralized finance. Join the strongest community on the BSC here!



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One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.