Pancake Bunny X Binance Labs…Introducing Your Team MOUND!

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4 min readApr 13, 2021

First, a Heartfelt Thank You…

Hello Bunny fans! As you all know, we have been hard at work on new features designed to deliver more value to all you PancakeBunny aficionados out there! In just the past 30 days we have:

  • shared over USD 27 Million with BUNNY holders;
  • boosted BUNNY rewards through our BUNNY Boost pools;
  • launched Smart Vaults (BNB, ETH, BTCB, BUSD, USDT), which use dynamic leveraging to reduce downside risk while increasing upside through BUNNY bonuses; and
  • began testing Cross Chain Collateralization, which will enable users on Ethereum and other blockchains to farm yields on BSC without having to trade out of their native assets.

As always, we are profoundly grateful to the incredible Bunny community for accompanying us on this journey. Thanks to your overwhelming trust and support, PancakeBunny has now rocketed to over USD 2 Billion in TVL, over 30,000 in DAU, and over USD 300 Million in market capitalization!

But That’s Not All — Announcing PancakeBunny X Binance Labs!

Today, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have closed our USD 1.6 Million strategic financing round, led by Binance Labs.

This strategic financing will enable us to accelerate our pipeline of new, cutting-edge features and products, as well as to enhance the ongoing development and optimization of the PancakeBunny platform. Binance Labs led the strategic round as part of its ongoing efforts to support startup innovation and to promote DeFi and blockchain infrastructure. IDEO CoLab, SparkLabs, Andrew Lee (Handshake, LTM) and other private individuals also participated in the USD 1.6 Million round.

And Finally — Introducing Your Team MOUND!

As excited as we are to announce the closing of our strategic financing, we are even more excited to finally exit stealth mode and introduce ourselves to the amazing PancakeBunny community. So without further ado:

Hello Bunny Fam! We are MOUND, the innovative team behind PancakeBunny!

At MOUND, our mission is to put compounding, high-yield DeFi returns in the palm of everyone’s hand. All of us at Team MOUND are extremely proud of the massive value that we have returned to the PancakeBunny community through our innovative BUNNY tokenomics and Cake Maximizer vaults, and we remain committed to creating value through innovation and our unrelenting user-centered approach to design and live service.

Team MOUND is composed of seasoned developers and entrepreneurs with an extensive track record of success across games, social platforms, quantitative financial services, and blockchain applications. With decades of product and live service experience, Team MOUND’s ability to create value through innovation and its expertise in execution were key factors in Binance’s decision to invest. With the closing of this strategic financing round, MOUND will work with Binance to deliver BSC’s best-in-class DeFi returns to markets outside the Binance Smart Chain and to continue to innovate across the entire spectrum of DeFi activity.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we reveal further details about Team MOUND and more information about our product roadmap. Thank you for all of your support and positive engagement. We look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you in the days to come. And as always, BUNNY for your best interest!

About Pancake Bunny

Pancake Bunny delivers best-in-class auto-compounding yields through the Binance Smart Chain. Launched in December 2020, Pancake Bunny has now accumulated over USD 1.3 Billion in Total Value Locked (TVL). In the past 30 days, Pancake Bunny has shared over USD 14 Million in performance fees with holders of its $BUNNY token. For more information about Pancake Bunny, visit


MOUND is the innovative team behind Pancake Bunny, one of the leading Defi platforms on the Binance Smart Chain. MOUND is dedicated to putting compounding, high-yield returns in the palm of everyone’s hand. Team MOUND is composed of developers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience and success in games, social platforms, quantitative financial services, and blockchain applications. Team MOUND is committed to creating value through product innovation (such as $BUNNY tokenomics and the Cake Maximizer) and an unrelenting focus on the user. Currently Team MOUND is working on adding Smart Vaults and Cross Chain Collateralization to Pancake Bunny’s portfolio of products and features.

For more information about Pancake Bunny, please check us out at:

Telegram (Chinese):



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