Mound Weekly Bulletin September 20th

Hey Mound Fam,

Welcome to our weekly dev blog where we keep the Community up to date about what to expect in the coming week, and provide a quick recap of the previous week.

Coming up:

PancakeBunny UI Update

We’ve been working on updating the PancakeBunny UI to give it a fresh and easier to understand look. While it’s not quite ready to launch this week, stay tuned for updates or maybe even a sneak preview.

Qubit X Alpaca Partnership

We’re launching a partnership with Alpaca Finance where you can earn QBT and even an NFT for staking in a new Grazing Range. NFTs…interesting. Visit our article about it here.


Our team is doing AMA (Ask me Anything) on the BSC telegram channel for Qubit. You can win prizes for participating and retweeting, so check it out.

Mound Vault QBT Farming

Because of some complications with the launch of the new SAVs and the bQBT vaults on PancakeBunny, we also had to push back the start of the Mound Vault farming of QBT. We want to get this started for the community as soon as possible and will give updates when we can.

Last week recap:

Launched Upgraded SAVs on PancakeBunny & bQBT Vaults

The new SAVs, bQBT, and bQBT-BNB vaults launched last week. As mentioned, these projects offer an easy way to invest in lower risk single assets and are a huge upgrade over the old SAVs.

Prediction Market Launched

Our Prediction Market launched last week. We’ve heard a lot of good feedback from the community and will work with the developer to implement upgrades and platform support as soon as possible.

BUNNY Pot Token Burn

We did a token burn of 11,281.787 BUNNY stemming from proceeds of the BUNNY Pot. As our tweet mentioned — This is just the beginning! As we add more utility, we’re hoping to do more regular burns.


MOUND is the innovative team behind Pancake Bunny, one of the leading DeFi platforms on BSC. Team MOUND is composed of developers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience across games, social platforms, quantitative financial services, and blockchain projects.

Official Bunny Finance Channels

Bunny Finance

One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.




One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Bunny Finance

Bunny Finance

One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.

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