MOUND (MND) FAQ — Swap BUNNY for MND at 1.5x!

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5 min readJul 3, 2021

Hello Bunny Fam!

With only TWO days left to swap BUNNY into the Mound (MND) Vault at a massive multiple of 1.5x, Team Bunny has compiled answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions from the Community. (Swap BUNNY into the Vault at!)

Please take a look below and continue to engage with us on our socials with any further questions!

1. When will MND holders be able to begin claiming rewards from the Mound Vault?

Approximately 1 month after the completion of the Swap Period, the Community will be able to begin claiming rewards from the Mound Vault. Tokens inside the vault (BSC Bunny, polyBunny, Qubit, etc) will stake and farm rewards throughout the pre-Claim period.

2. Does the BUNNY inside the MND Vault get farmed throughout the swap process?

Yes, from the first day of the Swap Period, all of the BUNNY in the Mound Vault is being farmed on the Bunny Maximizer Pool.

3. Are BUNNY buybacks still part of the Recovery Plan? Will MND be used for BUNNY burn?

Buybacks are happening every day continue through the ongoing operation of FRE and 10% of Bunny Pot rewards. We will be introducing new innovative products such as prediction markets in order to amplify our buyback volume.

MND will not be used to burn BUNNY at this moment, as it would be counterproductive for those swapping BUNNY into the Mound Vault. The purpose of the Mound Vault is to act as a vehicle for integrated and diversified yields and value appreciation across all of our products.

4. In what form will the rewards claimed from the Mound Vault be claimed?

For the initial period after launch, Mound Vault rewards will be claimed in the form in which they were farmed, similar to how the Compensation Pool operates today. BSC BUNNY and PolyBUNNY yields will be claimable using BSC wallets, as we will be providing a bsc version of PolyBUNNY and an appropriate bridging method to swap the bsc PolyBUNNY back to the polygon network.

5. When will users be able to move MND to their wallet, provide liquidity on PCS, etc.?

After the Swap Period is over users and upon receipt of newly minted MND tokens in their wallets, users will be able to transact and transfer their MND tokens just like any other token. Team Bunny expects liquidity pools to be created within the first 6 months, but if no liquidity exists after 6 months, Team Bunny will consider various measures to enable MND to be liquid.

6. How often will the Mound Vaults update rewards?

The assets in the Mound vault will compound automatically as they are farmed in their native Pools (ie for BSC Bunny, it will use the Bunny Maximizer auto-compounding pool). The frequency and mechanics of claiming will be quite similar to the current Compensation Pool. We expect rewards being claimed on close to a daily basis.

7. Does the conversion of MND for pBUNNY holders close out compensation?

Yes. The Mound (MND) Vault is where the future tokens, profits, and fees from the entire PancakeBunny ecosystem will accrue, and so pBUNNY will be converted to MND, and pBUNNY holders will receive their compensation by claiming rewards through the Mound Vault. Please bear in mind, because of the drop in TVL to ~$650M and the current crypto market downturn, the original Compensation Pool ceased to be effective as a vehicle to help Original Holders recover their losses. Consequently, it was necessary to devise a mechanism that would enable Original Holders to benefit from the ecosystem expansion of PancakeBunny in the most direct way possible to recover their value.

8. Will we have more info about Qubit soon?

Yes, we will be posting a detailed article soon about Qubit tokenomics, features, and pre-launch details.

9. What type of token will MND be?

The MND token will most likely be a bep-20 token.

10. What will be MND token contract?

The token contract is 0x4c97c901B5147F8C1C7Ce3c5cF3eB83B44F244fE.

11. When will QBT launch?

The QBT pre-launch is expected to start on July 12th and will last one week. QBT is expected to launch on July 19th. Users will also be able to observe the successful launch of QBT during the final (fourth) week of MND swap.

12. Will I have the opportunity to retrieve my BUNNY after it is put into the MND Vault?

In approximately 24 months, the MND community will vote on whether the Mound Vault will release some or all of the assets held in common to the MND community. These measures will not be taken until PancakeBunny has sufficiently recovered.

13. Do the devs have pBUNNY? Will they swap for MND?

Team Bunny does not have pBUNNY and is not swapping (or converting) assets into the Mound (MND) Vault. In exchange for providing our team assets as well as future project tokens and accrued value, 15% of minted MND tokens will go to the dev wallet, as is standard across our projects.

14. Is the Team contribution set in stone, or can the contribution increase or decrease?

The contribution will continue to increase. The amounts we have already confirmed are 1 million BUNNY, 1 million polyBUNNY, 100 million QBT. We will be updating the community in the future regarding specific amounts of any new project tokens being added to the MND vault. Additionally, there is also the ongoing share of fees from fee-based products like our upcoming Multiplexers.

15. Will there be a cap on the amount of BUNNY swapped into the Mound (MND) Vault?

There will be no cap on swapping (as long as there remains a non-zero amount of BUNNY in circulation).

16. Will MND require staking?

Yes, in order to receive the yield accrued from the MND vault, users will have to stake their MND. This process ensures that there is no double dipping/users claiming rewards from different wallet addresses multiple times.

Concluding Remarks

Many of you have asked us about supporting the fungibility of BUNNY and polyBUNNY. Unfortunately, because these two tokens are priced and exist in two different blockchains, it is not feasible to do so at this time.

That said, swapping BUNNY into the Mound Vault is an extremely efficient and direct way to achieve sizable exposure to polyBUNNY and QBT and all future project tokens across all blockchains, as the Mound (MND) Vault will initially include 1M polyBUNNY from the Team as well as 100M QBT.

Remember, Bunny Fam — keep a close eye on BUNNY, polyBUNNY, QBT in the days to come and continue to update your valuation models.

And as always, Keep Calm and HOP ON!



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