Mound Bulletin— September 5th

In the Coming Week…

  • Prediction Market: We are launching our Prediction Market, in which you can use your knowledge and insights to predict token prices and earn rewards.
  • Token Burn: We’ll be doing a token burn, facilitated by fees collected from the BUNNY Pots.
  • MND Vault’s first claim. Make sure your MND is staked at

The Past Week in Review

  • Qubit dark mode design: Our design team is working on a dark mode view for Qubit.
  • Bunny UI redesign: Expect a new look for the BUNNY page’s general user interface.
  • Added Qubit to dashboard sites such as CoinMarketCap.
  • Added four servers to our IDC to increase our service stability.



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Bunny Finance

Bunny Finance

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