MND Vault Open for Staking

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2 min readSep 2, 2021

Hey Bunny Fam,

The highly anticipated opening of the MND vault is upon us! We’re excited to share details on this evolution of the ecosystem.

Summary of the MND vault

The MND Vault is a vehicle created to capture and distribute the full value of our ecosystem expansion directly to the PancakeBunny Community. In other words, the Mound Vault is designed as a means for the PancakeBunny Community to share in the full value of all of the innovative DeFi projects/products that Team Bunny has to offer, now and in the future.

Claiming Mound Vault Profits by Staking your MND

Claim your profits from the Mound Vault by staking your MND.

Staking will begin on September 3 2021 0600 UTC.
Claiming will begin one week later on September 10 2021 0600 UTC.

Stake your MND before claiming begins to ensure you do not miss any of the Mound Vault rewards. There is no bonus for early staking; the purpose of opening the Mound Vault to staking before making claiming available is to give everyone who holds MND ample time and notice to ensure that everyone will have the opportunity to stake their MND before claiming begins.

When the claiming starts, all profits will be distributed over a 30 day period to stabilize MND activity and to minimize BUNNY price volatility. In order to claim profit, you must stake for a minimum of two hours.

What is in the MND vault?

BUNNY: When the MND Vault claiming period begins, BUNNY rewards will be available for claiming. As mentioned, the accumulated profits will be distributed over 30 days.

About QBT and polyBUNNY rewards

QBT farming will start when the QBT vault and the QBT SAVs are launched. These are currently under audit by Peckshield. The 100M QBT allocated for the MND Vault will be deposited in equal portions over a twelve month period. These QBT tokens will be utilized on behalf of MND holders throughout the ecosystem.

polyBUNNY farming will start when the predetermined total of accumulated polyBUNNY reaches one million.

Key Dates:

As mentioned, please remember these key dates:
Staking begins : Sept 03 2021 0600 UTC
Claiming begins : Sept 10 2021 0600 UTC

Coming Soon:

We’ll be sharing information on key updates such as Prediction Markets and QBT Single Asset Vaults, as well as the upcoming QBT Vault, all of which will be making their way onto PancakeBunny in the immediate future.

Thanks Bunny Fam. We are super excited to take this next step and progress steadily along our roadmap. As we move forward, please look for new developments on all of our projects. Remember to Keep Calm and HOP ON!



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