MND Vault Mini FAQ

Hello Bunny Fam!

We would like to take this opportunity to answer some of your most common questions regarding the mechanics of the Mound (MND) Vault. (If you haven’t seen it already, please take a look at this week’s Weekly Hopper Mound overview video for a high level primer on how the Mound Vault works.)

Please take a look at the short FAQ below to learn more about how the Mound Vault will operate. Stay tuned for our upcoming knowledge base, where you will be able to do additional research.

The first claim will consist of BUNNY and a portion of the allocated polyBUNNY. Qubit will not be farmed on PancakeBunny until the Qubit service is launched.

BSC BUNNY and polyBUNNY are auto-compounding because the Mound Vault farms them in their respective Maximizer Pools. Once Qubit comes online, QBT will not be auto-compounding. Instead, the Mound Vault will accrue the QBT it generates.

Once the Team’s portion of polyBUNNY reaches the specified 1M, those tokens will be added to the Mound Vault. We expect this to happen around the date of the first claim, but please note that it will depend on the rate of usage of Polygon.PancakeBunny.

On the Mound Vault UI, MND holders will have to switch their wallet over to the Polygon network in order to claim polyBUNNY rewards. The Mound Vault UI is currently being finalized.

The Mound Vault will begin staking QBT once we have launched the PancakeBunny QBT Vault, which should be at or soon after the launch of Qubit. This pool will pay QBT rewards equal to a portion of the QBT rewards generated by the supply of liquidity on Qubit through the PancakeBunny Single Asset Vaults (SAVs), commensurate to the pool’s contribution to the qScore that PancakeBunny SAVs will enjoy.

No, the QBT in the MND Vault will be staked to the PancakeBunny QBT Vault. Only QBT you contribute directly to the QBT Locker will affect the personal qScore and QBT Rewards Multiple that applies when you provide liquidity to Qubit directly. The QBT in the Mound Vault will be staked to PancakeBunny’s QBT Vault to generate a stable, high qScore for all of the assets staked to the PancakeBunny SAVs (see Item 5 above).

Thank you, Bunny Fam, for your patience and diligent interest. We hope this provides a little more insight into the operation of the Mound (MND) Vault. Team Bunny is committed to bringing new innovations into this space, and as we draw nearer to the first claims, please stay tuned for further details. And as always, Bunny Fam, Keep Calm and HOP ON!

MOUND is the innovative team behind Pancake Bunny, one of the leading DeFi platforms on BSC. Team MOUND is composed of developers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience across games, social platforms, quantitative financial services, and blockchain projects.

One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.



One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Bunny Finance

One of the most popular auto-compounding yield aggregators on the Binance Smart Chain.