Introducing QUBIT (QBT) — Innovating Lending And Borrowing on the BSC

1. Qubit Pre-Launch Liquidity Event

1.1. Pre-Launch Liquidity Event: Converting BUNNY-BNB Into QBT-BNB at Preferred Price of $0.05 per QBT

1.2. Pre-Launch Liquidity Event/Qubit Live Service Launch Schedule & Rewards

  1. Pre-Launch Event Schedule and Amount
  • Duration: 7/14 02:00 UTC ~ 7/19 00:00 UTC
  • Pre-Launch Liquidity Committed: $2.5 Million (in the form of Bunny-BNB LP)
  • Pre-Launch Liquidity Provided: $2.5 Million in QBT-BNB LP
  • Unlock Schedule: Users will be able to unstake their QBT-BNB proportionally over the first 30 days of the Qubit launch on PancakeBunny.Finance.
  • Returns: Standard swap fees for liquidity provision in the QBT-BNB LP Pool
  • Bonus Rewards: Over the first 30 days, an additional 25,000,000 QBT (worth $1.25 Million at the pre-launch price of $0.05 per QBT) will be contributed by Qubit beginning at 03:00 UTC on 7/19.
  • NOTE: Bonus Rewards will be distributed to pre-launch participants through the normal operation of the QBT-BNB liquidity pool, as well as to other early post-launch contributors who support QBT during the first 30 days of live service.
  • Live Service: Qubit will launch at approximately 03:00 UTC on 19 July.

1.3. Burning BUNNY

2. Introducing the Qubit Service

2.1. Qubit Tokenomics

  1. Total Supply
  • QBT Total supply will be 1,000,000,000. This is equivalent to a total market cap of $50M at the initial pre-launch liquidity price of $0.05 per QBT.
  • 5% of the Total Supply is allocated for the Pre-Launch Liquidity Event Bonus Rewards (see above).
  • 57% of the Total Supply is allocated to reward liquidity mining activities over the course of the first year of service. 3% will be distributed over the first month, 4% over the second month, and 5% every month thereafter.
  • 10% is allocated to marketing, partnerships, and promotions.
  • 15% is allocated to the Devs, as with all of Mound’s protocols, to be distributed over the course of the first year.
  • 3% will go towards security to fund audits, bounty programs, and other security measures.
  • 10% will go to the MND vault, as previously announced.
  • There will be no withdrawal fees for any of Qubit’s staking pools.
  • Qubit rewards users for committing their QBT to the “QBT Locker” for a period of time, thereby supporting the price of QBT and the operation of the Qubit service.
  • Based on the number of QBT locked and the duration for which the QBT is committed to the “QBT Locker”, Qubit assigns users a “Qubit Score.”
  • The more QBT you commit, the higher your “Qubit Score”.
  • The greater the duration of your commitment, the higher your “Qubit Score”. The minimum duration is 1 week, and the maximum duration is 24 months.
  • Based on a user’s “Qubit Score”, they receive a Bonus Multiple on their staking rewards.
  • Staking rewards are calculated based on the ratio of the user’s Supply/Borrow asset volume (l) to the total volume of assets Supplied/Borrowed in the market (L).
  • The value of (l) is updated according to the following formula:
  • Further details on the calculation of Qubit staking rewards with illustrative examples will be released in subsequent documentation as we approach the Qubit launch.

3. Qubit Roadmap

4. A Primer on Lending and Borrowing on Qubit

5. Final Thoughts



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