Integrating the Ecosystem: Bringing Qubit to PancakeBunny for Security and High APYs!

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6 min readSep 16, 2021


  • Use PancakeBunny’s Qubit SAVs to earn single asset yields securely and to earn the highest money market APY’s on BSC.
  • Migrate funds from the current SAVs or stake new funds in the Qubit SAVs
  • PancakeBunny also optimally MANAGES your QBT Lockup through the new bQBT Vault
  • Lock up QBT on PancakeBunny through the bQBT vault to receive bQBT
  • Use bQBT to earn even more rewards through the new bQBT-BNB and QBT Vaults
  • End of the QBT-BNB Rewards Pool
  • Pool UI reorganization
  • Approximate Update Time: (9/17)

-Qubit SAVS and bQBT Vaults on PancakeBunny allow you to participate in the Qubit supply market easily.
-PancakeBunny has its own qScore and smartly decides the best way to leverage your assets within the SAVs to maximize your rewards.
-Locking QBT in the bQBT vault helps the overall qScore of PancakeBunny.
-Once you commit QBT in the bQBT vault, you cannot get it back. Instead you receive bQBT as a replacement. This is a unique benefit.
-Committing QBT to the bQBT Vault is equivalent to SWAPPING YOUR QBT FOR bQBT.
-Once swapped for bQBT using the bQBT Vault, you CANNOT WITHDRAW your QBT. It is irreversible.
-The benefit of the bQBT you receive is that it lets you remain liquid even while contributing QBT to raise the qScore and increase the QBT Rewards Multiples — you can stake in the bQBT vault and the bQBT-BNB LP vault to earn rewards.

Hey Bunny Fam,

With the successful launch of Qubit, we are now ready to move forward with our plans to integrate our two ecosystem platforms and launch the following Qubit vaults on PancakeBunny:

  • Qubit Single Asset Vaults: (SAV)
  • The bQBT Vault
  • bQBT-BNB Vault (More on this below)

These new products work together to provide the Bunny Community with an opportunity to earn value from the Qubit service and also provide the promised enhanced security and performance of SAVs within the Mound ecosystem.

1. The New Qubit Single Asset Vaults

The Qubit SAVs offer significantly boosted APYs through Smart Leveraging and PancakeBunny’s boosted QBT Rewards from the operation of the bQBT Vault. The Qubit SAVs are scheduled to launch on September 16th. Here is an overview of the features you can expect from the new SAVs:

  1. Receive significantly boosted rewards in QBT and BUNNY through the operation of PancakeBunny’s platform-wide qScore/QBT Multiplier and smart leveraging.
  2. Smart leveraging: Qubit SAV contracts smartly leverage the assets to optimize against supply and borrow interest rates in order to outperform current SAVs.
  3. More options: Stake in any SAV supported by Qubit: BNB, ETH, USDT, CAKE, BUSD, DAI, USDC, BTCB, MDEX.

PancakeBunny’s Qubit SAVs are able to deliver significantly higher APYs through smart leveraging and the platform-wide qScore generated by the QBT Vault.

Consequently, the Qubit SAVs share a portion of their QBT rewards for distribution to stakers in the QBT Vault and stakers in the bQBT-BNB Vault in order to reward users who lockup QBT so that the Qubit SAVs enjoy boosted QBT rewards. Currently the SAVs share 6% of their QBT rewards, with 3% going to the QBT Vault and 3% going to the bQBT-BNB Vault..

1.1. Migrate your Single Assets to the new Qubit Vaults for maximum APYs

In order to participate in the new SAVs, you’ll need to move your funds manually. Our team has provided an easy migration process.

When the new SAVs are live, a ‘Migrate’ button will appear in the following locations:

  1. On the PancakeBunny main page, on each of the SAVs that you are staked.
  2. On each individual SAV page.

To migrate your funds, click on the Migrate button, approve the contract (if necessary), and then confirm the migration. Any of the old SAVs that have zero deposit will be removed from the user interface.

2. The bQBT Vault

2.1. What does the bQBT Vault do?

  • It is where you get 1 bQBT for each QBT you contribute to lockup for PancakeBunny’s qScore
  • It is where you can stake the bQBT you have just received for a share of the QBT rewards generated by PancakeBunny’s Qubit SAVs
  • It is where you can lock up QBT to generate a QBT rewards multiple for the SAVs and receive a liquid bQBT token in return

2.2. What is the bQBT Vault?

The bQBT Vault is how PancakeBunny generates a qScore and QBT Rewards Multiplier for the entire platform. To do so, PancakeBunny operates as a “super user” of Qubit through its bQBT Vault. In other words, PancakeBunny locks up QBT staked to the bQBT Vault to generate the platform’s QBT Rewards Multiplier for all of the PancakeBunny’s Qubit SAVs.

2.3. How it works

Commit QBT tokens into the PancakeBunny bQBT Vault and receive bQBT in return on a 1:1 basis. These QBT are irrevocably committed to the bQBT Vault. Once you commit your QBT, the Vault locks them up for a period of 24 months (on Qubit). Per the smart contract, the Lock period is continuously extended in order to maximize the PancakeBunny Rewards Multiplier. (After QBT rewards mining is finished, staked/locked QBT will be used to share fees from the protocol and other products).

In return, you receive, on a 1:1 basis, a token called bQBT. bQBT is a token that represents your contribution to the Rewards Multiplier for the PancakeBunny QBT Vault, bQBT-BNB Vault, and SAVs. You can also use bQBT to earn staking rewards in the QBT Vault and the bQBT-BNB Vault.

In other words, bQBT represents a way to lock up your QBT to help boost QBT rewards across PancakeBunny’s bQBT, bQBT-BNB, and Qubit SAV Vaults — while at the same time, still remaining liquid, as bQBT will be tradeable for BNB through the bQBT/BNB pair. Furthermore, bQBT can be staked in the bQBT Vault and bQBT-BNB Vault to earn a share of the boosted QBT Rewards generated by all of the Qubit SAVs..

Use cases:

  1. QBT: Lock QBT in the bQBT Vault to increase the QBT Rewards Multiplier enjoyed by yourself and the entire PancakeBunny Community, and receive bQBT 1:1.
  2. bQBT: Stake bQBT in the bQBT Vault to earn QBT and BUNNY.

(The UI for the bQBT vault is customized. Click the toggle button on the left to switch between QBT and bQBT).

3. bQBT: Stake LP tokens in the bQBT-BNB Vault.

3. bQBT-BNB Vault

The bQBT-BNB Vault is a reward pool in which you stake bQBT-BNB LP tokens. As a reward you will receive QBT and BUNNY. The team will provide Zap functionality once there is enough liquidity provided.

4. Reward Structure:

The breakdown of the rewards toward the new SAVs, bQBT Vault, and bQBT-BNB Vault are as follows:

  • SAVs: 94%
  • bQBT Vault: 3% (For staked bQBT)
  • bQBT-BNB Pool: 3%

The dev team will use its own QBT to help maintain a high boost multiplier (up to 2.5x).

5. End of the QBT-BNB rewards Pool

As mentioned in the Mound Bulletin, the QBT-BNB reward pool will end on September 16th. However, the QBT-BNB Cake Maximizer will remain.

6. Reorganized UI

We’ve reorganized the Pool UI. LP pools will appear on the left tab. To access SAVs or Single Asset-based Pools, click the tab on the right.

Please note that we’ve removed the ETH Multiplexer tab. The status of Cross-Chain Multiplexer will be addressed in a future roadmap update article.

We are extremely excited to launch these new services as we move forward in our plans to integrate projects within the ecosystem!




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