The BUNNY Prediction Market is Coming!

Hey Bunny Fam,

We’re pleased to announce that our BUNNY Prediction Market is launching next week! In the Prediction Market, you can use your knowledge and insights to predict token prices and earn rewards. This is a next step in providing features that facilitate the buyback and burn of BUNNY tokens.

The BUNNY Prediction Market will go live on September 14th UTC 0600.

In addition, we’re pleased to announce that through BUNNY Pot proceeds, a burn of 10,237 BUNNY will occur on or around the time the Prediction Market goes live.

Below is a guide on how to participate in the Prediction Market:

Get Started:

Connect your wallet at the Prediction Market page. You must have a supported wallet. We support the following wallets: Metamask, TrustWallet, MathWallet, Binance Chain Wallet, and WalletConnect. At launch, the BUNNY Prediction Market will be live on PancakeBunny (BSC).

Predict the next round

Go to the [PREDICT] tab first. Check the timer before entering the prediction. One round lasts 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the next round will begin. It takes a little time between rounds to commence, so it’s recommended that you enter your prediction around 20 seconds before the start.

You can place your prediction for the next round by clicking the Enter button. If you think the price will increase in the next round, click the Up button, and if you think the price will decrease, click the Down button. Before entering a round, check the prize pool and the expected payout rate for each position. This value will vary depending on the participants.

After clicking the Enter button, a window will open allowing you to enter the position. Double check which position you have chosen. Then, enter the bet amount and click the confirm button. The minimum bet amount is 0.01 BNB.

After your transaction is confirmed, you will see the Enter button is changed. At this point, you cannot change or cancel the position.

Watch the live round progress

Go to the [WATCH] tab to watch the price update. After the 5 minute countdown, the result of the round will be displayed.‌

If you win the round, you can claim the prize via a win popup. If you miss this popup, you can claim a prize at any time in the history board.‌

Review Your Round History

View results of the previous rounds

‌Click the icon to open the history board. In the Rounds tab, you can see information for the rounds you entered. Click the down arrow icon to see the details of each round.‌

In the Summary tab, you can check the statistics of your round participation record.‌

Get your prizes

If you win a round, there will be a claim button for the round. Click the [CLAIM] button.‌

You can see any win popups that you may have missed when the live round concluded. Click the button and confirm the action in your wallet.

As mentioned, this is another fun feature on the BUNNY Platform that will contribute to our Buyback and Burn efforts. Please look forward to more features and utilities that will contribute to the success of the entire ecosystem. And remember to KEEP CALM AND HOP ON!

BUNNY Prediction Market FAQ



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