Bunny Bulletin — Aug 27th, 2021

In the Coming Week…

  • MND Vault Pool details finalized and shared: We are nearing completion of the development work and will share details early next week. We may open a little earlier than the originally scheduled date.
  • The PancakeBunny QBT Vault under audit. Details about the mechanics should be ready to be shared next week.
  • Early explorations on a redesigned user interface for the BUNNY platform. This is geared toward improving features and usability, especially for those who are new to DeFi
  • Market and Liquidation pages for Qubit are close to launching. Market pages give a quick view of the best markets. Liquidation pages will give users the opportunity to liquidate undercollateralized positions. Look for a guide next week.

The Past Week in Review

  • Qubit launch. +$350M TVL in under 5 days.
  • Fixed: a bug that prevented partial redemptions.
  • Partnership with MDEX. We’ve partnered with MDEX to stack rewards for BUNNY/BNB and QBT/BNB on MDEX.com. The APYs look pretty good. Link
  • Two Immunefi bounties awarded (Link)



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