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2 min readOct 5, 2021


Dear Qubit Fam,

As announced prior in our IMPORTANT UPDATE NOTICE, the bonus QBT Rewards for all participants of the Qubit protocol is in effect starting October 5 UTC+0 0500.

During this time, liquidity providers (suppliers) and investment takers (borrowers) will receive 50% bonus QBT rewards for 3 weeks.

For those of you that have not read our online documentation, here is a quick recap:

What is QBT and how do I get it?

All participants of the Qubit Finance protocol earn QBT, which are Rewards by providing liquidity as Lenders or taking out liquidity for investment as Borrowers.

Emissions are distributed to Qubit’s Supply & Borrow Markets according to this table here.

How do I get a higher share of the rewards?

To get a higher share of the rewards, commit QBT to the QBT Locker.

What is QBT Locker and what do I gain from committing QBT there?

When QBT holders “Lock” their tokens in the QBT Locker, they get a multiplier effect on their QBT Rewards for staking liquidity. This multiplier is a qScore.

You can increase your rewards (up to a 2.5X Boost ratio) by locking your QBT. For each market, the Boost ratio is maximized when your share of the total qScore (%) is greater than or equal to your share of the market balance.

For more details, you can find the full documentation here.

This temporary boost will end on October 26 and will be reduced back to normal levels so take advantage of this period by supplying more liquidity and posting more collateral to take out other assets to invest in other parts of BSC.

Start planning and strategizing new ways to invest with these newfound bonus rewards with your friends!

Stay tuned for more updates on Qubit’s Official Twitter channel.

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